The Deep Breath: Michael's Final Days
Michael March has reached the final months of his cancer treatment, where each week has become a quality of life balance and soon the decision will be made to stop his chemotherapy and enter hospice care. 

He has chosen to approach this last phase of his life's journey with purpose and a mindful understanding of what he will leave behind as his personal legacy. We arranged a conversation via Skype (we live on opposite coasts) in late February, 2017.

During this interview, we share humorous stories, talk openly about the difficulties of accepting an impending death, and toss around ideas for memorable funerals. We also discuss important issues with regard to both ongoing medical treatment and the perceptions of patients throughout the process. 

Again, this is a long discussion that could have been broken up into smaller segments, but I felt that the flow was important to maintain and instead leave it up to the viewer to decide where to take breaks (or not). The only edits were to remove empty or unintelligible space, or unrelated interactions. The interview itself is presented intact, with the intent that what we share will benefit other patients or caregivers. 

My hope is that I will have another opportunity to interview Michael after he has stopped his chemotherapy and we can revisit some of the topics we discussed here, as well as check in on how he is doing both emotionally and physically during the process.

We believe that it is very important to cultivate the habit of talking openly and honestly about death and dying. Our hope is that this discussion we share with you here is a starting place for your own.

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