Deep Scratch - Chapter One

“Not even the DJ's themselves know, but, as the album begins to be pressed, the stories become clear.”

This book is a book about all of these events, and how they happen in stages, and on stages, on all levels. World is a stage, or a turntable. You choose. From the underground to the mainstream and outside, taken from in-depth interviews and on-the-record research. This is deep scratch fiction. It's about the people that do these things, the ones that do it behind the scenes, behind the walls and blinds, hidden in old dusty hotel lobbies, in music videos and on television. These stories are about the people who survived.

This book was edited and produced by an award winning writer, artist, consultant, and producer called Mr Brick. It was made by and for the people, you know, the people who have already done all this stuff before. Those who may have already finished the book. Hey you at the back. Stop picking yer’ nose. These tales are here for you, and you too.

If you are a musician, or a filmmaker, or a graphic designer or composer, or a freaky person that has ever wanted to know how they can get deeply involved in deep scratching, then this book is for you kid. This plotline is right where you wanna’ be. The people are everywhere. The power dynamic is deep. We are the scratch, in the groove, mind stylus map. A decade deep. Half a million words brah. I soon get funky.

Plush says they don't use tape because they're too expensive and they're using cardboard now. “And the living all made of cardboard” he used to say. “We should all have the power and right to make our own tapes.”

Plush says that they're not trying to hide anything. As they are referred to as they, I doubt that very much.
Plush cuts out the ring from paper and fits it over the vinyl disc snug, they can use all kinds of materials that would allow for precise beat juggle splicing. He prefers hemp infused polypropylene instead of vinyl in all the top tarot models he spins. Plush calls his timetape "the first true turntable tape."

The death of the genre, which in this case is live and dead prose, make it new, okay okay, I’m trying...the death of genre has been known in America and the UK since the 1960's, when a bastion of experimental LSD musical poet motherfuckers burst out into the streets like 10’000 octopus messiahs. Blham.

“It’s like the great recession, but in hip-hop. Artists like us could never support people trying to destroy hip hop music and hip-hop style," said Mr. Jones, director of the Institute of Critical Culture at the University of Missouri. "Prick Pop fest was the only place for that wack excuse for music. Fuck that festival!"

One of the previous cast members, from the trilogy of world piss books, now plays the roll of a beautiful and equally smart code girl in a later story. The only person not listed in this chapter, is the famous magician, and we won't spoil his name yet. So, what did we learn from this story so far, anything, having fun yet. Just you wait mate. Plush, the retired DJ cynic, was not feeling himself on-line much these days, well, he felt himself on-line, just not in a way that was truly wholesome. He cut corners, used cheats. His soul was being slightly torn, or better yet, worn, perhaps it was time to switch his stylus?

The key to successful acting is the ability to think creatively in any situation, whatever spewed out before. Be yourself. Don’t cheat. Especially with words. You tell me about how the combination of the right mindset and the right character choices that make you an engaging actor, should be of interest to me, dear reader? I know you keep reading this fragmented book, like a hell of a lot, and I only hope you find the whole process of preparing my musical performance as enjoyable and most fly. It's always good to remind yourself to keep your eyes open for the audience in front of you when spinning discs. Watch the dance floor, keep looking. Sing, dance, shout, make love. This was an idea I nicked from a STIXKAP forum user named Mr. Brick. In the following paragraph, he's actually trying out his own creation on us.

A real deck of cards, and these harmonic principles are not only linked to one another, yet also to the very fabric of our personal life, the social world, the global economy, politics, culture, all our interactions, facebook. Bootstrapped like a horny little leather nymph. In this way, deep scratch narrative like this one, may represent a historical event or a modern event within our collective consciousness. We put the Jung in Jungle. Seen. Mixing digital with analog breaks and new branches. And green throughout the year with an artist name and song name.

Each Tribetable Tarot book will be printed out of book silkscreened cardboard and hand coloured by my talented graphic artist, Aphid. These books will be printed with the traditional back to black and white book binding, along with additional illustrations. The book will then be rolled up, placed in front of the reader, and ignited. In addition, cards that are to be used for Tribetable Method and TribeTable Tarot, also come with the following information: Original print $23. Limited print $40. All copies of TribeTable Tarot with original print will be signed by Plush, sorry, I mean Tom Geddis (Celtic Tribetable) Tim Gooballs (Egyptian TribeTable) Tracy Turner (Thoth Tarot) Jim Chirp (Trinisphere Tradition and trinispheretarrt Tarot).

This may not seem like a big deal to you, and if you play vinyl and Tarot, you may spend a lot of time with these cards. If I opened up one DJ disc, it is not necessarily that the song is worth it, but the grooves have a life and intelligence all of their own. There are two very different ways of looking at it. Vinyl-raiser's purpose was not to make a disc, it was meant to open the portal to some poems on an album. Simple.

The problem with Vinyl-raiser's purpose is when it closes one portal, another opens to something else. To open a portal back into a lost time costs time. At this moment you're free to choose to accept a message on a CD or a vinyl album or just to go home. However, brudda' it's still the same song, just a bit less exciting. Here's how, dig, when the person who's singing to you opens the portal, they are releasing an image onto the screen of whatever song you are listening to. Al Green, for example. Some of those images are very important. You might love "In The Shade Of The Dead" by Billy BallBombs more than you have in decades, depending on the stereo effects. You might like this track linked at the bottom of the page less than some other songs I forgot to mention. Ha. Some of those images might also be important for the song in your head right now. Who knows. You can't choose to listen to a good song with someone who doesn't.

You truly don't for the same reason, the song "Dance On Sunshine, Dance!" by Eddie Turd had the perfect title, for back in those days. If you're reading this, you've probably never even heard the opening chord of a Slackbird tune, let alone sung one. Or is that sang one? I dunno', it's as simple as that. Most people, whoever they may be unfortunate enough to haunt, will never have any inkling of an idea what "dance" was all about, in the old world of real African dance music. Dance music, as far as the average Joe is concerned has always been the pastime of a privileged group, ain’t cheap these days. It's not the genre of music with the most "authentic" songs, but then again this is not a competition man, this is art, there’s a groove in roadworks and guy drilling next door, if you choose to concentrate. Long live the death of the genre.

Even though it's more "authentic" than other genres,  or seems that way to you, it's the only genre in which one can sing "All I ever wanted" and feel good about it, no matter what age you are, or what you have. That's what makes it so perfect, pop music and capitalism, so perfect, don’t you agree?

Dance music is the most original music, it all began in Africa. But, as but may but in again, as time goes by, older folks start to understand the concept of it too. Health dance, visionary dance. Art dance. Computers and drugs too.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the new music sounds to me. make it new they said, okay, how about this, or that. Blam. One of the most notable performances of 2012, for me, is the live at Galapagos recording of "The Day I Met Cher." We're given a short introduction to each artist, a roll call, shortly before the band launch into screams and grunts "The Day I Met Cher" over and over, their best song yet methinks.

My friends and I were on tour all over the world with them at the time. In the midst of all of the excitement, my band found ourselves in the midst of this crazy scene with old Cher, some of the other guys were singing over her video on the boat, mad.  She was signing record contracts with her hands held high in the air. To hear them now, wow, performed so well at that moment, it was the perfect dessert stormy soundtrack. I remember walking out to see that band perform and my fingers were frozen stiff to my nose, they played "pull my finger bone" and they finally warmed up.

“Puzzle, puzzle.” scratched Plush. I wonder if the band would consider using VR with a real game? While not a "true" work, who gives a fuck in these days of Boris and Donny? Well, I've made no attempt at translating these ideas into code for you, they do however, allow the reader to get a feel for their own thoughts I hope, and interpretations on how human society and its relationships are structured, like narrative, and turntable beat juggles.

This idea has inspired quite a bit of criticism, mainly from critics and other writers concerned with the "post-truth" world of politics, and the fact remains it can be useful in understanding contemporary political economy, as well as its possible relevance in other historical and social contexts. Like this: Like Loading…please wait.

History remixed. Deep Scratch. “It's the mix of the digital and the analog, the digital and the physical. We scratch records back to life, back to reality. We scratch past our time signs, way way off the page. We scratch backwards. Scratched in, scratched backword, word."

Scratch History was founded in 2013 by Mick McNell, who is known as the co-founder of the legendary '70s techno, and acid house DJ collective: Sprunk neck. The music he created is, well, deeply scratched into musical history. McNell was born and raised in the city, spent years living in Berlin, Germany, before moving back to Chicago, and after making the move to the Village, where he became a fixture in the scene. In 2010, as a DJ at the now-defunct, now-bankrupt Dokkx, McNell founded Scratch History, joining the ever-expanding roster of Chicago DJ's, like Acka G, and DJ Cratch who went on to create the now-iconic Cratched In label. He recently signed for Acka, and was subsequently moved to the New York and London imprint of Dokkx, before the latter shifted to a partnership with Top 40 station Mixmag, where Acka is now the one and only quaklander upquark M.C. Damn fresh, if you ask me.

Who is the new DJ's partner or, is that his manager? The world is a scary place, so much so that we find it impossible to trust anyone, especially DJ’s. The truth is like that, getting real real. Like your father before you, a friend's soul is always waiting to be revealed on the dance floor. If you are one of the lucky few that have the courage and dedication to live and let live, to read and write, that may mean a lifetime spent as a tale spinner in some urban sprawl. Rewind that my selector.

One way a DJ can survive these paragraphs is building a conspiracy puzzle, to use his own soul beats to project a sense of love and peace bricks at others; it's easy when a DJ works with others to keep things running smoothly, like ice cream and well-chopped fruit. The truth is that a DJ's partner, or manager, is not necessarily a human thing, they may break the groove in times to come for good, I feel that a DJ's true enemy is fear and spotify. Spotifear. Fear will make you do your bidding as your only desire is to make music that's fun, good and unique. The devil has your balls son, your fucking balls.

To survive a conspiracy puzzle, and tell the tale, a good DJ must build an intelligent partner into their sets, the others (hi) and a powerful soul, a simple soul must fly right. It's your job to become self-aware, to put your head down and to listen for Coltrane. If you listen to the music, you hear the truth; you see what makes someone tick when they have time on their slide. We will dance together, and love will rock the dancefloor.

The DJ's become entangled in bizarre and disturbing realms, the listener becomes caught in that vortex as well. It's a bit surreal, a lot of fun, and I can't recommend it enough. The Plush album is filled with influences from The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Zappa, Coldcut, Bruce Sterling, Travolta, and more. It has a similar weirdness that I really really like these days, and it makes it difficult to put into words. The best music sounds like some fucked up “out-trip-out, man”, and this one really is all that, out, like way out man.

The MC, who you guys might recognize as the dude from the Black Mirror, is sick. As a kid, you were probably huge fans of his song "No More Dreaming". His first album was titled ‘In the Ghetto’, released in 2005, and he's been doing damage at the dance ever since. His latest album is called ‘No More Dreaming 4 Free, piss flap’ and released this year. This will not only be an EP, but will have a remix of the original feat. DJ Ghetto live, recording from his uncle's greenhouse in Peckham. If you're interested you can pre-order it today at your favourite online store, or at their new home on their shitty Facebook page.

So, now we're off to Amsterdam to see what's going on there,‭ and if things are as bad as ATC officials claim, you might want to take a nap right now. Sleepy eh? ‪A poltergeist with a taste for peanut butter is on the loose in Amsterdam.‬ ‪And you can't make this shit up these days, a lot going on.

‏There's been a lot of stuff going on. Oh shit, yeah,‭ a poltergeist with a taste for peanut butter is on the loose in Amsterdam.‬ ‏A lot of weird shit.‭ A cop in Chicago claims he teleported to Damrak on Sunday. ‏You were seen with me at the place, smoking, at the exact right time. How do you explain that?‭ A cop in Chicago, John Goodman was his name? ‏You were‭ with a cop in Chicago on Sunday, or reading with me?‬ Let's just say this is a good time for that story to pan out. ’We are at the right place, behind the pool hall?“ we can think aloud. Play the screen, turntables, invoke tribes. Rock the spot.


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