DeeTwenty Guild LAN 2017-09-13
 World of Warcraft LAN

It's #warcraftwednesday ! That means it's time to bring your gaming rig down to the club, jack into our network, and play some World of Warcraft while being in the actual same room as your guildies!

We're bulding our raiding team. If you're keen to try out, come on down!

Also, if you'd like to join the guild, or you need your alts added, the Guild LAN is the time to do that. Just bring your rig down to the club, and we'll get you hooked up.

The R55 cover charge includes bottomless coffee, tea, hot chocolate and access to the other stuff going on at the club that night like HeroClix or the Hearthstone BarCraft.

Discounts for guild members:
Present your Armory app at the counter showing your character wearing their DeeTwenty Guild tabard, and get R20 off your Day Pass.

Show up wearing your own, real-life DeeTwenty Guild tabard and get in free!