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Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per month
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(This level is included in all higher rewards.)

If you've been a patron for at least three months before I release a collection of works previously posted here, you'll receive a complimentary e-book copy of the compiled and edited collection.

As an extra bonus, all patrons at this level or above get to ask me questions, one question per $ per month, on the Eldraeverse setting or other background information relating to it - anything you like, only future plot questions are off-limits, and these questions will be gathered into a FAQ page published on the Eldraeverse web site.

Thank you for your ongoing patronage!
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Patreon Saint

Pledge this amount per month or more, ask for this reward, and I'll list you - and a link/picture/paragraph, etc., of your choice - on the Eldraeverse website as one of our "Patreon Saints".
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Patreon of the Arts

Like most authors, I'm a mercenary at heart. So, while ordinarily I just write as the spirit moves me, this reward gives YOU - yes, you - a chance to ask and receive for what you want to read. After all, the Worlds are a big place, and just about everything happens somewhere. So ask for this reward, and you get to suggest a theme, topic, seed, era, type of locale, etc., etc., to me, every six months, that you're guaranteed to get.

(Author reserves veto for things that really can't fit or he can't write; so if you're looking for Eldraeverse pr0n, for example, you're probably not going to get it... well, okay, if you want an in-depth view of mezuar pollination or AI data-sex, we'll talk about it. Also, satisfaction not guaranteed, obviously.)
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Wealthy Patreon

Get ALL the benefits of the previous two levels, Patreon Saint and Patreon of the Arts, in a single package! Also, undying thanks!
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