DELAY: Kinda Funny Extra Life Documentary/Watch-A-Long

Well, three years in, and we're still the garbage truck on fire. lol

LONG STORY SHORT: the Kinda Funny Extra Life Documentary exported wrong, so we have to re-export it. It'll post here on Patreon tomorrow (Wednesday 1/2) at 5 p.m. PT. The community watch-a-long will also be moved to tomorrow at 5 p.m.

LONG STORY LONG: we had a version perfected and ready to go on YouTube, but just as we went live this morning, YouTube banned it due to the music we used. Kev re-exported and re-uploaded. That upload actually slowed the stream down for a sec. We got everything going tonight as planned, but then we discovered sections of the video were rendered with a giant red bar because the computer couldn't render what we wanted.

We could've let the red version of the file play, but this doc is something we're really proud of. We don't want a lesser version out there for you.

So, today was amazing -- thank you for that -- and tomorrow will be awesome because we get to return with our regularly scheduled programming and give you an awesome documentary.