Delaying Tonight's ADG Mod Until Mid-May

So, let's give a bit of a break down of what's happened in the past 24 hours and why I'm making the decision to postpone the scheduled ADG Mod video until May.

The next ADG Mod video I was working on was going to cover "Brutal Doom", a Doom/Doom2 mod I've received a decent number of requests to cover, even before I announced the Pro/Mod format videos for Season 6. About 85% of the video focuses on the mod itself and the last 15% is a quick bit of info about the mod's creator to warn everyone about the controversy surrounding him and to state that it's not up to me to decide if you should play his mod or not based on that, it's up to each individual watching to make that decision for themselves.

Brutal Doom has a bunch of interesting features but, at its core, it's a mod designed to sensationalize the violence of Doom by upping it to ridiculous levels.

...then last night, there were horrific anti-Islamic shooting incidents in New Zealand unlike any others, with the terror intentionally filmed, livestreamed and spread across social media to sensationalize it.

...yeah... you can see the conflict of interest here. I am aware there is a VERY huge difference between real violence and fake violence. Personally, I think fake violence can be very entertaining, but I think real violence is abhorrent and the sooner it disappears from the world, the better. But, not everyone is going to have such a clear cut distinction between the two, nor is everyone going to want to be reminded of something so horrible so soon after it happened, especially when the reminder is coming from something made by someone with very questionable morals and ethics in regards to other nationalities and beliefs.

So, I ran a poll on Twitter to ask if I should put the video out or not and asked people to elaborate on their answers if they were so inclined. Based on the votes which came in, which I watched throughout the day, and all the written responses I got, I've made the decision that Brutal Doom is still worthy of being on ADG Mod... AFTER people have had a chance to heal from these recent events, thus I'll be delaying the video until the next ADG Mod cycle comes around on May 18th, just over two months from now.

In the interim, there won't be a video tonight as I don't have anything else prepped, and I'm still deciding if I want to rush out something else as an ADG Mod next week, as I haven't really had time to prepare for everything else in the queue for the series, or if instead, since the Brutal Doom video merely needs to be edited together to be finished, if I should just have two ADG Mod videos in May, as I'll have the proper amount of time to prepare for one by then, and can then edit together the one for Brutal Doom in just a single day following.

I'm gonna run a poll for that on Twitter tomorrow once everyone's had a chance to read through this posting here, and just a reminder, because videos from the shootings are spreading through social media, I URGENTLY RECOMMEND going into all of your social media settings for every service you use and disabling automatic video playback, just in case a video from the event ends up in your feeds. Being exposed to footage of this without your consent is probably the last thing any of you want to go through right now.

I normally stay quiet when terrible things transpire because I'm never sure what to say or how to say it and don't want to accidentally say anything which would just make people feel worse, but given these circumstances I couldn't stay quiet.

So... I'll end this on a positive note. I'm very, VERY selective of who I follow on Twitter, and because of that, I've been seeing a solid number of tweets from people showing support and going above and beyond to help those of the Muslim faith feel welcome and safe. Two of the most notable include demonstrations of positivity at the New York University, as well as police officers in Toronto going to mosques to confirm the safety of the people there and even to stand guard for those wishing the extra security.

It's not hard to not hate. :)

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