Delays, delays, delays - an open message to all
Hi everyone, I wanted to make this post visible to everyone due the fact that I want to be honest.

It has been really stresful and hard past 2 months, mixing school and music making together has been very difficult for me. Replying to some emails and messages has been really delayed...

One of my patron cancelled his subscription due the fact that my message has been delayed for a really long time. Over 2 months!!! That's unacceptable. My apologies, it was my mistake which can't be fixed at this point anymore.

Currenlty I'm making music, self-marketing (in social media, emails, website), making youtube videos, conducting musician to perform my works at school, blogging, recording improvisations, making collaboration with an artist, negociating via email, and so on, takes hours. Above all I have school, music studies, family (taking the dogs out :D) Sometimes these will get delayed, not purpocely.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, and I try my best to make it as my full-time job. But sometimes, the tinyest things can get lost, and those tiny things might cause some bigger problems.

Even when then these kinds of things ocur, I will try to do my best to improve. I've started to schedule my life better now on.

Thank you for your understanding and for your support, it means a world to me!

Elias Luukkanen