A Delicious Dish of Pasta from Another Planet! ! #008 😱2⃣3⃣❤☮👆👽🏋🍝
Good morning guys!

I found more information about that plant! Ït s a plant of air, typical plant of Centro America :)

Today no surfing, it s so bad..let s go running and to train in the gym.

I cooked a special plate of pasta with salmon.and in the afternoon I went to the open-air market again. I have a special spinner again, but I don't know those Chinese or Japanese symbols..someone can say me what s the meaning of it?

In the night I ate a special pizza with Elena, she sold me that nice plant!

Final Scratches

See u tomorrow guys I hope u enjoyed this video and Thanx so much to live these emotions with me every day 😱😻

As Always Don't Forget to be a Warrior Every Day. Believe in Your Energy, Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your..LIGHT! BOOOM!

Love Life Forever and Everywhere Your Path ll Bring U..Peace ☮☯🍀🎐