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Delightful Video Game Departures
Hello supporters!!

We got a hot 'n fresh new video for y'all! It's in the style of a Punching Weight but something that can stand on its own, Delightful Departures.

This was a fun project because it gave me an excuse to finally talk about Metroid Prime and Mega Man Legends without having to do a massive, deep dive video. Hey, you know we love doing deep dives but smaller-scale videos are like this are nice change of pace and good for production moral. I'd also been swallowed up Phantasy Star Online recently and needed to that out of my system.

Here's a piece of trivia, Silent Hill Shattered Memories was originally going to be included in this video, but since playing it on stream a few weeks ago, I don't think it hangs with these games. But that got me thinking of a follow-up video, Controversial Departures, but we'll see how this video does. Anyway, hope you like it! It'll be exclusive to Patreon Supporters until Satruday March 3rd.

Also, our friend Alex Carter helped with the edit, check out his comics podcast SHU!

We were going to have two videos for you this month but we decided the other one needed a little more time to cook. Early this month we met with the former Vice President of Microsoft Games Studios, Ed Fries, and interviewed him about a few topics. The first video to come out of that interview will be up here on Patreon in a couple days. It will be a in a slightly different style than our normal videos so look forward to that!

That's it for now! The media consumption blog WILL return this weekend, I promise! Until then, thanks as always for the support!!

Stay Powerful,

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