Demise Before Destiny.
 Blinded I stood, where you find yourself standing now,
Petrified at the crossroads separating truth from doubt,
Give persistence to the living and patience to the dead,
There is loneliness for each of us, steadfast and ahead,
Beyond our deathbeds, where we have the choice to forget,
Each and every moment that we bled, the moments that we dread,
I will bow my head when you decide to pray for me instead.

And the amorous sirens, they begin to sing temptation to me,
I’m astray in the cold Bering Sea, a hopeless, love-lost banshee,
I am not one to bite the chivalrous hand that ceaselessly feeds,
But the fruit of the poisonous tree will bring me everlasting sleep,
Every so often, it’s more desirable to embrace demise before destiny.

I was promised to a life worth living, but that ship is quickly sinking,
I have become a stow-away to each of my own personal instincts,
Subdued and serene, cast my carrion soonest to the stirring sea,
So that the salt may eat away at my flesh, bone, and memories,
At first sight, I am drowning, but my being is immersed with relief,
I am on a journey to find whoever it is that I am supposed to be.

To shine is better than to reflect,
At first sight, I found myself in the very spot you stand,
With too many questions, yet not enough answers at hand,
Overlooking my own slice of life as if it were calmer than the seas,
From the crest, you will never see the bedlam brewing in the deeps.