Demo Driver 8 dismantles my cynicism
I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that most of my spins with Demo Driver 8 come up as blanks. It's the nature of the beast, after all. I'm picking out totally random games and I could wind up with nearly anything; I should consider myself lucky when something good comes up. And I do, and this week, it did. That's part of the fun and utility of this feature, as a whole. A random demo is going to take about an hour of your time, but speaking for myself, I usually only pull a demo if I'm already fairly certain that I want to play the full game. It's hard to know ahead of time if a demo is even worth playing, much less if the full game is. So this sort of feature gives you a chance to experience the demo vicariously and decide if it's worth sinking more time in. Hopefully, as I'm moving on four months of doing this, I've started to hit that not consistently. Enjoy! We'll be back tomorrow, same time as always, but for today you can happily imagine yourself dropping boxes upon the sources of your displeasure. It always brings me joy.