Demo of the upcoming Hawaii video (Free)
NOTHING SPECIAL, but while trying to figure out what kind of style I'd be doing, I've stayed busy cutting down nearly 8 hours of footage from the first three days in Hawaii (first day on Maui) into these 20 minutes, and have yet to go through the front/main camera. 

It's the same as last time, really... lots of footage set to repeating music. Nothing special, no color grading, just raw clips etc. If you're interested to see what I'm working with, enjoy! If not, this may be a bit boring.

As for the surgery, it's now scheduled for the 8th. Hopefully I'll have insurance by then, if not then I'll need to cancel the surgery until I can qualify. It's been a long few months off the bike, and it could be a few months more until I can get back in the saddle. :(

The surgery sounds pretty gruesome. Long story short; they're going to cut out a lot of stuff down there that a conscious person doesn't normally want prodded and sliced. I'm in better spirits though and just hoping the insurance comes through so I can get this done and be relieved of the pain down south.

Much love guys! Hope you enjoy!

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