[Demo] Re:Connected/United: Always Taking Over Me
This is the first short story piece I did for my current creative writing class, description and setting. The prompt was to invoke a sense of nostalgia using the senses. I don't feel like I pulled off quite what I wanted to, and I'm sure it could use some revisions before making a final product version, but for now it let me get some scenarios out of my head so I could focus on other matters.

This demo piece includes characters from Re:Connection/United, the fourth book in the Days of the City series (AKA, that thing Twelve Zero Zero is a part of). Since each DOTC book is meant to stand alone as a single narrative, there are no spoilers up to this point in the series at all, so feel free to dive in and see what concepts are at work. 

I'll probably share the drafts of my other pieces from my class as they come about--so there should be three more public pieces in total, and possibly some of the revised versions I need to do for my final portfolio.

Bits of this piece were partially inspired by several Jacob Tillberg songs, which I'm using as part of my foundation for this novel, particularly Leia's arc.

Ah, this is more rambling than I normally do. Please enjoy.