Democratic Voices From L5
Hey folks!

Voices has returned from its vacation and I've jumped right into things, firing off emails and hunting down guests like a man possessed. It feels great to get back into things and I am very excited to be putting together some more VL5 episodes for everyone.

One thing I want to start doing is community involvement. I want you guys, the fans, to start having a bigger say in what we cover on the show. To that end, I'm thinking of starting an initiative where every couple episodes is on a topic dictated by you, the patrons.

I'm still working on how this would play out, but I think a round of suggestions followed by a round of voting would be good. There'd be no need for you guys to have a specific person in mind (though, if you did, great!), just a topic, and I'd go and find someone to speak on it.

How does that sound? One of the issues with this is, unfortunately, a lot of you are very quiet when it comes to posting comments here! Let me know if this is something you think would add to your Voices experience!

Glad to be back, look forward to our next episode coming soon!