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Democrats Can Win As Long As They Do Exactly What I've Always Wanted
I think this comic pretty much explains itself. :-)  

I'm happy with the art, especially with the two female figures. I drew someone in high heels! That may not seem like a big deal to you, but you don't know how deeply and truly I suck at drawing high heels. They're a very complex shape! 

I also had a lot of fun drawing the middle lady's tattoo sleeve, although looking at it now I'm not sure I should have made it the same hot pink as her hair. Ah well.

Thanks so much for supporting this Patreon! I'm so lucky to be able to make my cartoons about whatever I want, and still get paid. It's amazing living in a time of social media and crowdfunding. 

I have two nieces living with me, who are now 11 and 13. When I was their age there was no internet; we thought having two phone lines the house was pretty cool and high-tech. The world has changed so incomprehensibly fast. What will it be like when they're my age? Hope I'll still be around to find out.

Anyhow... as usual, my Patrons are seeing this cartoon early. If you're supporting at $5 or above, feel free to share this immediately! Everyone else, please wait until it goes public in a few days. And have a great week. :-)

Update: Edited to correct a misspelling in the cartoon. Sigh.

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