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The Ideology of the Rhodes Round Table Group Exposed:  

"The Demonic Influence of National Sovereignty" by Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian (1937)  

Presented at the World Oxford Conference on Church, Community and State in July, 1937.  Read from "The Universal Church and the World of Nations."  

Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian was a leading figure in the Circle of Initiates of the Rhodes-Milner Secret Society in the 20th Century, a member of Milner's Kindergarten, an editor of "The Round Table: Journal of Commonwealth Affairs" from 1910-16, (under Alfred Milner and Lionel Curtis) he was involved in the appeasement of Hitler in the lead up to WWII, Ambassador to the United States from 1939-40 and a lifelong propagandist for World Government and World Federation.   

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