Demonic Sweaters - Ghost Image (drum playthough)
Here's a drum playthrough of my song Ghost Image off of my album Polybius. This one was released last Halloween as a halloween special video.

I created all of the music and video in Ubuntu Linux 16.04LTS. The music sequence was composed in LMMS then exported stems to Mixbus 3.6 where I mixed it and recorded the drums. I mastered the track in Audacity and edited the video in Kdenlive. 

On my drums I DO NOT USE any time correction, samples, triggers, or any other software to correct or enhance playing other than standard mixing practices (eq, compression, limiters, and sometimes reverb).

Drum setup:

2015 Tama Imperialstar Bop Kit Hairline Blue finish

Gibraltar floating tom mount system

Tama Iron Cobra hi hat stand (main hats)

Vintage Olympic hi hat stand (trash hats)

Ludwig flat base straight stands (crashes)

PDP boom stand (ride)

Vintage Nuvader Nickel Silver 15" Hi Hats

Meinl HCS 8" Bell

Kasza 17" Dirty Bell crash cymbal

Vintage NuVader 22" ride cymbal (Nickel Silver)

Meinl HCS 16" Trash Crash / Generic 16" brass crash bottom (trash hats)

Vintage Camber 18" Crash Cymbal (Brass)

Aquarian Studio X on tom batters

Tama single ply clear tom resonants

Aquarian Studio X Dot on snare batter

Tama thin clear snare resonant

Aquarian Response 2 Coated kick batter

Remo Vintage Emperor w/ Kickport 2 on kick resonant

DW 6000 kick pedal (sucks, I want a new pedal)

Vintage flat base Slingerland snare stand

Vintage MIJ canister throne


Cad KBM412 Kick

Nady RSM5 Ribbon Overhead (used in Mid Side Miking Techique)

Chinese BM-800 Condesner (used in Mid Side Miking Techique)

SHS OM-450 x 2 toms (sm57 copy)

Pyle Pro PDMIC78 snare (sm57 copy)