"Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles" and other news

First off, lets get the pdf details out the way, then onto some news, some good, some might be bad.

Pdf details

Dare you, or can you, speak the demonic name this system can create?

This weeks pdf is a system for creating demonic like names, but as well all know demons can be tricky gits and often have a use name so mortals do not lcima too much power over them. This provides a way of coming up with the demons true and hard to pronouce name, a more common and easier to speak "use" ame and , for the worthy, a title.


Bad News (possibly)

If you are following my blog or on Facebook/twitter (and if not, why not? :p) You'll know that Drivethru has recently implemented a change that has made it harder for the smaller publishers to get to the top of their main chart and thusly vastly reduce visability.

This has had a major impact on Ennead Games royalties, even allowing for the pre-xmas blib. It has caused income to drop to almost 10% to what it was the week before the change was made and even compared to this time last year is about a third of what it was.

What does this mean for EG?

Well to put it bluntly, I may not afford to keep the blog running and any pdfs will be coming out much more infrequently as I am having to begin a job hunt.  If the situation changes over the next month or so back to what it was (or close to) then this may not happen. One of the things I am doing to help is changing the patreon rewards, slighty. But Don't panic because....

The Good News!

I am expanding the rewards for each tier of the patreon. You'll still be able to get the pdf a month if so desired, but you will also have some other options to choose from as well. 

There will be a second post later today detailing this, but in brief, i'll be offering my services to anyone who needs help with creating content for their games and stories, such as names, plot ideas, trap, dungon rooms and much more