"Demons" series (detail), acrylic paint on ACU uniform, 2016
Hello and welcome.

When I was deployed (Iraq 2010) they called me a lot of things, things like "whore" and "sinner," reminders that I had apparently "brought this on" myself because I'm "not right with the Lord" or something, one of them even called me "the Whore of Babylon." This, among other incidents that I won't describe here, all happened after a male soldier from my own unit forced his way into my room and tried to rape me.

My only crime was this: The one soldier in all of Iraq that I had a 100% consensual relationship with was not one of THEM.

So here I am, here's what's left of "me" (the me that somehow managed to vomit up the stolen painkillers that she swallowed before the attempt could come to completion) attempting to translate that whole ordeal into a format that's not so easy to scroll past on Facebook. I realize that my work isn't very aesthetically pleasing, probably not going to compliment anyone's office or interior space, and may even make people question my sanity or even make them feel a little bit sick inside. I have something like a demon in the back of my brain that drives me to create things like this, I guess you could say he's my muse as well (it's the same thing, really. Same face, same voice, same person, etc...)

That's okay, I don't expect people to like or understand my work. I just need people to see and listen, that's it.

I'm glad you decided to stop by today, I hope you show this to your military and veteran friends, and I hope you'll consider tossing me a dime either out of appreciation for my work or even under the guise of "Supporting the Troops."