Demonstrating repetition
Last night I gave a presentation and demonstration to the Scarborough Art Society about how I link geology and my artwork. The story of my cycling the coast and just going "WOW" so having to go study it! The explanation that while most people take up hobbies like knitting or running or painting I actually go do another degree.

When doing a demonstration I always practice beforehand. For this demo I actually did two drawings - one fossil on paper and one landscape geology drawing on plywood. So the practice runs of the fossil were interesting to me. Much like the crystallised rock I did for the schoolkids a while back, each round of re-doing the drawing resulting in something slightly different. In the actual live demonstration I ended up focusing on the dark/light contract of the spiral rings, which really didn't grab my interest at all in the practice runs!

It took me years to understand why some artists repeated their subjects - think of Monet's waterlilies or haystacks for example. It's because even with the same subject you always find something different to express.

All the sketches are pencils on newsprint.

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