Den of Shadow - eBook cover!
Hello hello hello!

Last Tuesday I shared the pencils for this cover.  Here's the final cut!  The eBook is available for druid-level patrons right now!  

I'm really happy with how this one came out.  I had to do some practicing to rebuild some inking skills to get this one rolling and it really payed off, I think.  This final version has a "cool" feeling.  It's underground, it's damp and dark.  It's a little scary. 

My very first pass at color looked like:

This looks basically the same, but there's a little too much warmth here.  I added a blue tint - the same blue that's coloring Aengus' robe.  Last week I was in an elementary school art class and the students were learning about tints - specifically blue - and it dawned on me to make the cover feel nice and cool I should do the exact same thing.

It's wild where we find our influences.  

Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow with more pages!