Denarii Grace Covers "Make It Move" by Jonny Lang
[VIDEO DESCRIPTION: It's me of course! Seen from the chest up, I'm a proudly fat, brown-skinned Black woman. I'm wearing a purple top (my fave color); it has a bedazzled chest. I'm wearing my signature afro with my signature fake flower, a light blue one this time. I'm wearing my glasses. I'm not wearing any make up except for my signature dark red lip color. My mouth moves through the video as I sing.

The lyrics are as follows (content note for ableist metaphor):

Late in the evenin’
it all come pourin’ in.
It’s a quiet lie,
but in my mind the sound is deafenin’.
And it’s all the regret
and it’s all the shame
and it’s all in my head,
but it’s louder than any chain.

The greatest lie I told myself was that it could not be done -
watching others take the prize when I should have been the one.

You could waste your whole life
waitin for that mountain to move but it’s
waitin' on you.
It’s waitin’ on you
It’s waitin on you;
you gotta make it move.]