depcom mentioned in The Loop
"Wednesday, September 10 marks World Suicide Prevention Day, and with Robin Williams‘ tragic passing still so fresh in our collective memory, the subject has never been more relevant or poignant. There are 350 million people on this planet who suffer from depression, one of the leading causes of suicide. Though its symptoms can be difficult to spot, depression is, for many, every bit as debilitating as other fatal physical diseases. And despite their best efforts, it can be overwhelming for friends and family to try and understand what those suffering from depression are going through and how they can help. "Fortunately, a community of talented artists have cropped up online, offering a glimpse into what living with depression is really like. One of them is Clay, the founder of Depression Comix. He was diagnosed with depression in 1993 and now creates comics on the subject in hopes of enlightening the world at large and comforting those who, like him, are suffering from it."