deposit "art of asking" stories HERE PLEASE.
ready, set....ART OF ASKING PAPERBACK HELP! (you may have seen: i already did this over on facebook and got a few good stories, but i have a feeling i'll find a better harvest here on patreon...please, if you think your story is good enough to make into the paperback, really edit that shit to be publishable! SO .... my american publisher (hachette) is releasing "the art of asking" in PAPERBACK this fall and i'm making last-minute changes/edits/additions. i'm also adding a new afterword AND i'd like to include OTHER little stories from fans and readers, i know they're good, and i know they're out there. so, yes, i'm asking YOU (esp if you've READ THE BOOK!): does anybody have any incredible "art of asking" stories? anything the book's unlocked for you? any stories that you can think of that are relevant? any things you've realized about cultural asking, art and asking, the difficulties of asking, asking at work, asking in love...etc? i'm going to choose a handful (if they're good, so please write clearly and know that your writing may be book-published, and keep it short and sweet (less than 2-300 words). please don't just write standard "i loved the book!" stuff - that isn't what i'm looking for, i'm more looking for realizations (book-related or not) that YOUVE HAD about the art of asking...about how asking has transformed from a fear into a gift, etc. post here. and upvote if you see something you love. AND: is there anything else you'd like ADDED to the book, to make the paperback special? i have very little time, but hit me....i was considering maybe including an email interview with maria popova... x a