Depraved Awakening by PhillyGames
So last month I did a shoutout to another developer and I'd like to continue this for the current month. The previous post was by request of the developer and some people subsequently questioned my sanity. So in the future I'd like to turn the spotlight to games I personally enjoy.

The first game I'd like to present is Depraved Awakening by PhillyGames. In this noir-themed VN you play a private eye who is tasked with investigating a suspicious suicide. Pretty soon you're embroiled in some very nasty business involving some very nasty people. Also, you'll engage in some very erotic activity with some very hot girls along the way.

What makes this VN stand out amongst others, in my mind, is the story and PhillyGames ability to create stunning renders and very hot characters. His next project is going to be a cyberpunk VN, which is undoubtedly going to be great (not only because it's cyberpunk).

Check Depraved Awakening over at

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