Depression Sucks (so I had to sketchbook about it)

Hello, Loves and Lovelies. I'm so sorry for such a sad-seeming post, but it can't be helped. I needed to sketch the way I have felt the last few days, which honestly isn't the worst it's ever been. I struggle with depression and I have since I was a little girl. It's not always set off by something- though it may be caused by a trigger, it doesn't have to be. I mean, it's not just being sad. Depression can come in many forms. The last few days have felt like I'm surrounded by a greyish cloud; some days it feels like a monster lives in my head with me. I just needed to get the feeling out of me in a sketchbook entry. Don't worry. I'm doing okay. Life is good. It's beautiful, really. There are so many things to love and live for. Spring is even upon us now! My life is really beautiful and rich with love.  Sadly, depression (and anxiety, because I struggle with that, too) often has no rhyme or reason. It doesn't care about the good stuff. It may come and go as it pleases, even when you are doing really well and/or you have means of meditation and medication to help. It expresses itself differently for different people. Today, as with the last few days, I've just been feeling bummed. Today is not the darkest of clouds, but there are tears because depression hurts. Sometimes you feel like you're getting eaten up by it and you might disappear. 

Stay strong, Loves and Lovelies. There is so much beauty in the world! I hope if any of you struggles with depression you can find something uplifting and constructive to make it hurt less today. Talk to a friend or a family member. Call a hotline, join a support group. Get online and talk to people. Blog and write about it, draw about it, sing about it. It doesn't matter if you're  perfect at it, it matters that you expressed yourself. You matter. YOU MATTER. You are beautiful, Loves and Lovelies. 

I love you, even if I don't know you. You can get through this. We can get through this.  


Bekki Ann

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