Monday, March 5, 2018:

At 8:23 AM EST, the Moon enters deeply personal and introspective Scorpio. You may prefer to spend the day alone contemplating deeply intense issues of a mysterious or private nature. If you must work today, you may find it easy to discover what is at the root of any workplace mysteries. 

This is a good day for searching out what is below the surface or, conversely, to hide issues that are best kept undercover. You may know better than usual how to get to the root or to evade questions asked of you. 

Days with a Scorpio Moon are not days of casual conversations or connections. Everything seems deeper, more profound, and with more significant meaning. #astrology #ScorpioMoon 

Mystical Pisces season is about to end with Mercury and Venus entering Aries tomorrow. You can expect less emotion and more action.

The Libra Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 1:19 AM EST until she enters Scorpio at 8:23 AM EST. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; it is not good or bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.