Derik Nelson & Family - "Lolita" (Original Song)
IT'S HERE!! This video is a FREE creation for our Patrons on Patreon! (You will not be charged for this video.) CREDITS: Music & Lyrics written, produced, recorded, mixed by DERIK All instruments played by DERIK Vocals by siblings RIANA, DALTEN, & DERIK NELSON Hand Lettering, Artwork, & Digital Calligraphy by RIANA Concept & Direction by RIANA & DERIK Video filmed & edited by DALTEN An original song by sibling trio DERIK NELSON & FAMILY about a killer whale named Lolita, in captivity since 1970. Filmed at Penn Cove on Whidbey Island, Washington. We’re available for live performance opportunities immediately, and seeking partnerships with organizations that support releasing & retiring Lolita. BOOKING / WORK WITH US: [email protected] BACKSTORY: Lolita (Tokitae) is an orca native to our Puget Sound waters in our home state of Washington. She was captured in 1970 from Penn Cove on Whidbey Island (where we filmed this video), and has remained in captivity in the same, single, tiny tank at the Miami Seaquarium ever since-- performing daily shows for the past 45 years. Many don't realize the family of orcas Lolita was taken from has been added to the Endangered Species list. There are only ~80 individuals in this community left. Lolita's mother is still living (!) and there is HOPE for Lolita to be petitioned OUT of the Miami Seaquarium, and re-introduced BACK TO her native Washington waters! We want this song to be a message of hope and inspiration for her to come back to her family. We are passionate about Orca Network’s efforts (under direction of Howard Garrett) to bring public awareness to Lolita’s story and the proposed retirement plan for Lolita’s return home to Washington State waters. LEARN MORE: