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Describe Photos In Norwegian - Learn Norwegian
Listen to Norwegian examples of describing photos from a native Norwegian. Very relevant for Bergenstesten! Read the Norwegian transcript of everything I say for free here ► One of the tests in Bergenstesten is to show that you can describe photos in Norwegian. This video is meant to give you a general feeling of how you can describe photos (or anything else) in Norwegian. Thank you very much for commenting, liking and sharing if you like this. Subscribe for more Norwegian lessons! :-) Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comment section. ~Peder Join my Norwegian forums where I can correct all your Norwegian sentences for free ► Join the Facebook-community ► My website for learning Norwegian online for free ► If you want to support the continuation of this series, feel free to check out Patreon. All support is highly appreciated ► Learn Norwegian Naturally is a series that will hopefully help you in your quest to learn Norwegian. This series is suitable for anyone learning Norwegian, or wants to learn Norwegian. The episodes are all in Norwegian but every episode has both Norwegian and English transcripts provided. If you have any questions regarding Norwegian or anything else, don't hesitate to ask them. The NorwegianLearning-channel also has an active Facebook-community where you can practice more Norwegian and socially interact with the other members of the community. The website and forums are also recommended to have a look at. Good luck with learning Norwegian! Work regularly and steadily, and suddenly you will know how to talk Norwegian fluently. Best of luck, Peder