Desert Backyard Permaculture Design Part 1: Observation
Hi everyone.  After a few weeks off, I am back to doing videos.  I have a few to catch up on from the first stage of my project in Chandler, Arizona. Here's the first: 

I've been given the opportunity to design and install a permaculture landscape in my cousin's backyard in Chandler, Arizona. This dry and hot desert climate is one I haven't had the chance to work in, so there is a lot for me to learn. The first step in any permaculture design is observation of the site and the people who will interact with it. Following an interview with my cousin and her husband, I spent a few days observing the back yard. I had the good fortune of being able to observe the site during a rare rainstorm, which allowed me to see how water currently collects and flows across the yard. I also made some measurements with a water level, to determine where excess water would be able to escape the yard during a very large rain event.