Desert Bus for Hope 10!
This year is the monumental tenth run of Desert Bus for Hope. I'm lucky enough to be participating this year: and able to do so thanks to you! So first and foremost, thank you to my incredible Patrons.

If you're not familiar with the event, it's a fundraiser for Child's Play charity that is nearly beyond explanation. Over the past decade, Canadian sketch comedians Loading Ready Run & friends have raised over $3.1 mil to provide entertainment for kids in hospitals by singing, dancing, general shenanigans and playing the most boring game ever made.

The Bus starts rolling tomorrow: Saturday the 12th, at 10AM at I am behind the wheel again this year, driving the bus alongside Ashton  on Monday, Nov. 14 from 10PM - 10AM (yes, overnight!) PST.  

I also have the honor of working with Tara as Assistant Media Relations. Dusting off my PR degree and with the support of Patreon, I'm able to commit my entire week to supporting the Media and Social team here at Desert Bus, working behind the scenes in addition to my driving shift. It's an honor and privledge to be here and helping out, and I hope that you tune in and enjoy the absolutely unique and brilliant phenomenon that is Desert Bus for Hope.

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