Desert Warthog Remastered Release

There are 2 version of this mod, make sure you get the right one!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection


  • Download and install Halo MCC. ( The steam version is easier to mod )
  • Run the game and make sure you have Halo 1 downloaded and installed.
  • Close the game.
  • Download the mod: 
  • Open the MCC install directory:

For Steam : Right click on MCC in your steam library, hit properties, pick 'local files' then 'browse local files'.

For Windows Store :  Navigate to 'C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\HaloMCC'. This folder is likely going to be protected and you will have to give yourself permissions in order to edit anything in this folder. Google should be able to help you with that.

  • Once you have the folder open, extract all the files from DesertWarthog-MCC .zip and copy the folders "halo1" and "data" into your MCC install directory.
  • Windows will ask you to merge and overwrite files, select yes.
  • Load up MCC with 'anticheat disabled' and if you did everything right, your Bloodgulch will now be replaced with Desert Warthog.

 Halo: Custom Edition


If you are using this version I kind of expect that you know how to install a mod.

I included a copy of the latest chimera, and an init.txt to automatically adjust the default FOV and video settings of the game. If you don't want those things just copy the map only. 

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