'Deserving' featuring Jane Bennett (from the 90s) by Koehorst
My dearest friends, I think I might start to post a Patron Exclusive Download every Thursday from now on, as a special thank you to my patrons and as an incentive for others to become one. This week, I have chosen a very special song from the past. It is probably my favorite from the recordings I did with sattva, in the 90s. Sattva was a collaboration with Jane Bennett, the mother of 4 of my children. What makes it extra special is that she is now also one of my patrons and one of our greatest supporters. We wrote this song together. I would love to hear what you think of it, and also what you think of the weekly download idea. I will be posting the actual music files for download in the next post. This is a re-mastered version. The original was released on the album 'mandolining it', which is no longer available. Be well Markus K
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