Design notes
Hello Patreon Pals! for this week's update on the as-of-yet unnamed game, I wanted to lay out my design thoughts a bit. Both to get my own thoughts out and to inform your decisions on future votes! This week I went back and forth on the platform that I was going to release the game on - Pico-8 or the newly released Superpowers. I think I settled on Pico-8, based solely on the amount of experience I already have writing games for it, also that it's getting optimized for the Raspberry Pi and that's awesome! To make sure I have enough space, Ill be reworking the mc's sprite 

Working Title : Pusher

Main Character : um ... braid-y princess? (guess what the first feedback poll is going to cover)

Abilities : Jumping (standing jump and running)

Edge Grab

Push 1 block high objects

Environment : ruined "crystal temple" ala Steven Universe

Will contain at least one enemy - possibly be able to kill them by dropping blocks on their heads? Perhaps something like laser towers

Major Influences : 

Prince of Persia


I want movement to feel intentional - fixed length jump even. be able to jump up and grab ledges to climb up

I'm aiming for a good 4-5 levels but that is expandable