Designing a Mission Goal Poster
I was overseas in Taiwan when my monthly goals review day on May 5, and again I felt like I'd forgotten what the hell I was doing. So when I got back home a few days ago, I decided to design something that would help me remember my goals using very broad strokes. 

I'd previously done something similar with the Concrete Goals Tracker, which had started with just the list of points, and this eventually was expanded to the form you know today. I have taken the same approach, this time starting with my sense of what I desire as opposed to what I want to do. What I desire is the ability to create a nice place for my tribe of friendly creatives to come together and make stuff happen. What I want to do is make money and create facilities that meet the needs of the tribe.

This is a subtle shift in emphasis. Before I knew what I "needed" to do, but I had lost touch with the desire itself. I'm hopeful that acknowledging the warm fuzzy feeling first and THEN defining a course of action will lead to improved focus. This poster design (which is still in active development) will serve as the anchor for my focus, much in the same way my point list for the Concrete Goal Tracker did for my freelance business activities.

Process junkies can watch my livestreamed design session where I'm trying to come up with the poster phrasing. I also just did a stream where I talk through the poster design (among other topics) and show a bit more of the inside reasoning behind it.