Desk'ell Puppet
So, one of my new art hobbies has been creating soft sculpture art dolls of various creatures. This is going to be a Patron's only behind-the-scenes progress update project for you guys, this preview will be the only thing the rest of the world sees until it's all finished (hopefully by Halloween)!The idea is that this is going to combine a moving head with 4 points of motion, a moving jaw, an animatronic neck that will lie either flat or move up into an S curve, independent moving wings, and extra LED lights for some flashiness. 

If all goes well she'll be accompanying me to conventions next year. Although I can't sell puppets, it's great practice for extra sculpting and anatomy. This is the basic sketch for it, I'll be starting work on her very soon, maybe even tonight depending on how things go!

Desk'ells are a dragon species I created for a book series I'm working on.