Destination X Progress!

Hey brahs and bras!

Here's a progress post on the newest OSW review! It'll be updated as more sections are completed. I'm gonna try my absolute best to get this done by next Sunday (26th).

(X) PPV watched and notes taken

(X)  PPV Recording session

(X) Audio mixed, levelated and segmented

(X) Audio 1st Pass

(X) Audio 2nd Pass

(X) Audio 3rd Pass

(X)  Video Main Video 1st Half

(X)  Video Main Video 2nd Half

(X)  Collect Splicey

(X) Splicey 1st Half

(X)  Splicey 2nd Half

(X) Splicey Pre-Amble --> M1 made 

(X) M1 watched, notes, editing M2

 (CURRENT) M2 watched, notes, edit M3 --> Upload for release

In general I'm really happy with how the podcast is turning out, it's a whopping 100 minutes of having a great time applauding the good and tearing apart the bad! There’ll be a new theme song and I’m having multiple people work on little bits and bobs that make it a little extra awesome :D

Alrighty back to slavin'!


p.s. everyone should have their What Bars sometime in April! If it gets bounced back or lost in the post, let me know and I'll send out another :)