Destiny 68 -69

Happy belated New Year 2019!

Hopefully you had a pleasent and calm end of the year.
Mine was... difficult.

Looking back at 2018 it's hard to say whether this was successful year or not... It started great and the first half year was a joyful ride, with many new things, great people, new book release, coventions and opportunities...

Then autumn came and things changed...  mostly in my private life, which unfortunately affected my worklife too...  there have been some really rough months for me and my partner and when it finally looked like it's going to be okay now, December came and took a huge last blow.

This is why I was quite silent the last weeks and couldn't manage to maintain my patreon page the way you are used to.

But this shall not end negative.
December and 2018 is over, and we actually managed to unwrapp the lose ends and got some very important things working, right in time (four days before new years eve... it was so close |D) 

I'm quite relieved now and looking forward with joy and excitement, what 2019 will bring. 

Starting monday we are back to regular shedule and I managed to actually do a thing. The script for the next comic book is completely finished and I'm satisfied <3
I'm storyboarding now and will show you the very first new sketches/looks soon.

And... spoiler ahead.
Nocturne will get a new dress... again. How unexpected... <D

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