Destroyed Mama
I managed to accidentally destroy 'Mama' at roughly 2am this morning. I had finally finished her; finally found the right colors to finish the shading, and I was super excited. Usually I let a painting sit overnight before putting on the clear coat, but I have a show this weekend and I really wanted this done for it. So I went straight from finishing to clear coat...without sealing it. I realized my mistake almost immediately, but I had already dribbled the clear coat all over it. It was either smooth it out, or let the random dribble harden. So I tried smoothing it as delicately as possible.

It's hard to tell, but it didn't just smear the paint, it lifted it and made made giant cracks and rough patches. She's pretty much toast. It's possible to maybe apply another clear coat to smooth it out and then see if I can repaint on top, but I can't use watercolors if I do. I don't think even gouache can go over it. Didn't even take a phone pic of the finished piece. So yep, spent about two straight hours sobbing this morning. That's what I get for rushing when super stressed out :/
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