Detailed $5 "Patron" pledge rewards
Hi! In this post is a detailed explanation of all the perks and rewards you'd receive if you pledged $5 to support my work. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my rewards.

Free half body drawing: Once you pledge to me, I'll draw you a fully lined and coloured half body drawing that normally costs $5.50!

First Dibs on Commissions: If all my slots are full but you'd like to commission me, I will still proceed with the commission and completing your artwork will be done first out of the list of people.

Names Credits: Your name will be written in larger text and above the Supports' names at the start of all my YouTube videos for as long as you pledge.

Early Access Videos: You get to watch one out of the two weekly videos I post 2-3 days early!

Patreon-only Art Contests: You'll be entered in raffles to win goodies like free artwork that will only take place with my Patreon supporters.

Patreon-only Posts: You'll get to see some art dumps of some of my artwork that will not be posted anywhere else and you will get to see the whole process of how my drawings go from a sketch to a full painting.

Patreon-only Polls: You get to vote in what videos and art ideas you'd like to see next from me!