Details about the upcoming animation: Broly (SSJ4) VS Goku Black and Baby Vegeta.
Hey! Many people recomended I create a Patreon, and so I have! :)
I find this to be an amazing opportunity to update everyone on how my progress is coming along regarding the completion of upcoming videos, since Youtube won't let me do so that easily as here!

To anyone that decides to donate, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
Sadly, I can barely afford to animate since it consumes a lot of time, and because of work, but I promise to try my best to animate whenever I can!
Animating for me is a lot of fun and a great hobby, a hobby I promise I will continue doing whenever I can to not dissapoint you.

Why you should follow me?
1) Follow me if you want to stay tuned on progress of my videos, I promise to publicly update whenever I can!
2) Have an idea of which VS animations should I do next? Feel free to share your opinion!
3) Have a couple of questions? I'll do my best to answer each and every one of them. :)

With that said, I know I haven't uploaded something in a long while (~3 months), but worry not, I am planning something big, which will probably be uploaded by the end of the month and will be above 10 minutes~.

The next video will be in the GT-era, and will have to do something with Black tinekring with time.

Broly (Super Saiyan 4) VS Baby Vegeta and Goku Black. ~70% Finished.

I have great news though, luckily I've been in-touch with a very talented spriter whose many Extreme-Butoden style sprites I will be using in my animation.
He has without a doubt been a very great help!
Please check out his DeviantArt ( ) and watch him because his work, will simply put you out of breath!

Here are some screenshots from what I'm planning, some including his great style! .

Thank you for the support guys, it means a lot.