Details and WIP for Magnolia
Good morning! I'm pleased to share the details and work in progress for the magnolia painting. Thanks to the suggestions of my dear patrons and friends, it's officially named as "Bloom Into Stillness". There are a few new things I tried with this painting. One is to create a scattered cloud background to invoke a sense of early spring, when the magnolia trees typically burst into bloom. Another one is to use an East Asian calligraphy brush to render the branches, as you can see in the bottom right picture. The magnolia branches are very suitable for this "calligraphy" technique, because their knots on and shadows look just like the strokes of characters. Actually, this is how magnolias are often depicted in ink and rice-paper paintings. I'm happy to transfer the centuries old technique onto canvas with acrylic paint. Now that spring is fully in the air in California, my obsession with magnolias also blooms into a new level, and I plan to do another slightly bigger stained glass magnolia painting to be this one's twin.