Details of Part 61 Changes
Here are the 53 pages (look for the red link below) in the Federal Registry that detail the many changes made to Part 61. Some changes became effective June 27, 2018, while others won't take effect until as late as December 24, 2018. We'll be talking about some of the changes in Episode 68. Here's a quick summary of some of the changes:
>> Required frequency interval to accomplish instrument proficiency experience in ATD to be reduced from every two months to every six months; allows any combination of aircraft and ATD to accomplish required experience.
>> Sport pilot training to be credited toward higher certificates or ratings.
>> Instructor's presence will no longer be required to accomplish required recency experience in a flight simulator or aviation training device (FFS, FTD, or ATD).
>> Use of less expensive technically advanced airplanes (TAA) to be allowed for commercial pilot training.
>> Sport pilot instructors will be allowed to provide training on control and maneuvering solely by reference to instruments with required endorsement.