Details on upcoming posts, and a note on my Patreon goals
Hello, patrons! The website I posted about last week is finished! I'm now working on the following posts:

1. A "tips and tricks" guide to cloning and building apple/swift. This'll talk about building the compiler with debugging symbols, as well as how to attach lldb. It'll be available to everyone, not just patrons, sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

2. An in-depth look at the apple/swift build system: the basics of CMake, how Swift and LLVM's structure their CMake, and how 'utils/build-script' is used to kick off a CMake-based build. People like to put down build infrastructure, but personally this is an area that I'm *really* into, and I hope readers will come to understand why. It's also a lot more fun invoking 'swift/utils/build-script' if you actually understand what it's doing. This will be available at the lib/Frontend tier, within a month or so of my having posted (1).

3. An in-depth look at swift/tools/driver and swift/lib/Driver: how 'Compilation' and 'Toolchain' instances break up command-line invocations of 'swiftc' into "jobs" and "actions", which are executed by sub-invocations of 'swiftc'. This will be super handy if you're planning on improving incremental compilation in Swift, or adding a new compiler option, or even porting Swift to a new platform like Android or Haiku OS. This will be available at the lib/Frontend tier, within a month or so of my having posted (2).

Beyond those three posts, I'll keep going deeper: lib/Frontend, followed by lib/Parse... and so on.

I'd also like to tell you about a change I'm making to my Patreon goals. My old goal was based on the number of patrons: 100 patrons, and I would improve compilation time reporting in Swift. However, a few people have asked me to change this to a dollar-amount-based goal, so that they could contribute more than just "+1" to it. So I'm going to be changing this to a $400/month goal. I arrived at this number by estimating how much per month I could expect with 100 patrons at the reward tiers that I currently provide.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback on the posts I described above, or on the new goal structure. Thanks, and look forward to the upcoming posts!!

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