DETONATE - New Character
Hey, all! Developed a new character last year that I'll eventually be adding to my Patreon (so more content for you in the coming year(s) for the same amount you're currently pledging). That's how it's gonna go. I'm currently doing these 5 books and as I finish (and a bit along the way) I'll be adding new books/characters/etc and just experimenting in general, so you get all of it for however long you subscribe. And when the final products come out, you'll get those too. Doesn't matter if I end up doing 5 books or 50, your pledge gets you access to all of it. 2015 I hope to have several of the current books finished. Gonna keep grinding on it, anyway, and I couldn't do it without you! Right now we're STILL waiting for our baby boy to be born, he's past the due date and still not out. Whenever he does decide to come out I'll be super busy for a while making money and taking care of a 5-person household, but will carve time for Patreon as well. Hope you're all starting your new year off great! Would love to hear what your plans are!
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