The Deus Ex Retrospective - Part 1
Bloodworth here, 

After months of work, Part 1 of our Deus Ex Retrospective is finally up. Michael Huber played, captured, and wrote the section on Deus Ex, and Bradley Ellis did Deus Ex: Invisible War - after we got an Xbox to him since the PC versions weren't working on modern systems. I helped tidy up both scripts, but Brandon Jones did a ton of work crafting the flow and editing like a madman. 

Brandon wrapped up just an hour or so before a planned drive to the Grand Canyon, but I know he'd especially want to thank all of our Patrons for  making this possible. Hitting that goal for Retrospectives is something we didn't think would happen for a long time, if ever, and you smashed it within the first few days. We've likewise paid in many late nights, and we're thrilled to finally deliver on our side of that goal.

We hope you enjoy it! Thank you again, and look forward to Part 2 mid-next week.