Dev Diary #18: What Your Donations Went Toward, December Edition
Greetings and welcome back once again to our monthly segment that lays out what your kind-hearted donations have gone toward, what we were able to accomplish thanks to them, and bonus info on our other expenses that were covered out of pocket. It's important to let everyone see this, and not just patrons, thus the public nature of its posting.

Also, welcome new patrons! We're glad to have you with us.

We post this every month to show you that we truly are a transparent company and have no qualms with letting you see exactly what we're doing—after all, it's important to know this stuff when you're part of the investment! Onward, to the budget breakdown!

Your Donations

After service fees from both Patreon and PayPal, we received a total of $564.96 from patrons for the month of December. THANK YOU!

As posted previously, 25% of this is set aside for tax season purposes (yay?), which represents a $141.24 slice, leaving us with $423.72 in usable investment capital for Undead Darlings' development. Woo-hoo!!

Where It Went

Here's a breakdown of December's expenses:

  • Accounting & Legal Fees: $29.99
  • 3D Assets: $1440
  • "Office Supplies" (materials, program subscriptions): $10.98
  • All of the work NickyD did: $0

Phew! As I had said in the previous month, I expected the costs to drop down a bit after having finished enemy designs and as 3D assets neared completion. Thanks to your kind donations, you've helped us cover nearly 29% of the monthly development costs! That's incredible and humbling, so again, thank you.

Other Stuff

While I had wanted all 3D assets to be completed by January, we still have some work to do with the hospital dungeon and I would like to revisit several assets in the shopping mall to maintain a consistent visual style. Otherwise, that's it!

Programming continues as scheduled. The programmer actually gained additional time to work on Undead Darlings, so we're going to start making extra headway before long! Expect new screenshots very soon of the menu UI and updated battle visuals.

As for any other news...well, I want to work harder at getting news and updates out to non-patrons in an effort to make them into patrons! This will become especially critical when we're accepted into a convention where we can demo our game or host a panel discussing it and game development in general.

Live Stream tiers: We'll be back on track this Saturday.

Monthly Hangout tiers: We'll be back on track this Sunday.

Triggered Fingers post: Still working on it... Expect it next week.

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