Dev Diary 2/6/2016: ijo Week 1
Okay, so February's One Game a Month is ijo, a 2.5D voxel and pixel art platformer about a young woman (pictured above) trying to escape the woods. If all goes well, the Forest level of ijo will be released at the end of February.

Right now, the going is tough. I'm making the game in Unity using the following assets/plugins:

PicaVoxel (for creating, importing, and editing voxel art in Unity)

ProCamera2D (self-explanatory?)

Script Inspector 3 (for coding directly in the Unity editor, makes life easier)

Rotors (for 3D tiling)

Aside from having to remove assets that aren't compatible, it was initially a struggle getting PicaVoxel and Rotorz to work together. I had only previously tested Rotorz on regular 3D assets, so I wasn't anticipating how slow it would be to work with native voxels. If I go down this road again (and I likely will), I'll export to a regular 3D file format like .dae or .fbx from Qubicle. There came a point, however, when I noticed some voxels out of place after I had already uploaded them. Using PicaVoxel,  I was able to make the necessary changes on the spot, saving me a decent amount of time. I guess it's a matter of wanting to take the time hit from level design. It's really... frustratingly slow.

I used Qubicle and PicaVoxel to design my tiny game orun, but I designed the level by hand using some basic vertex snapping in the Unity editor. I'm still not sure which process I prefer.

For now, I consider this week a success. The Player Prototype can run and jump (pictured above), and the basic structure of the environment is on its way. And now that I've gotten the workflow growing pains out of the way,  I'll be focusing almost entirely on level design next week.

Thanks for reading and supporting!

♥ c.