Dev Diary #22: What Your Donations Went Toward, January Edition
Greetings and welcome back once again to our monthly segment that lays out what your kind-hearted donations have gone toward, what we were able to accomplish thanks to them, and bonus info on our other expenses that were covered out of pocket. It's important to let everyone see this, and not just patrons, thus the public nature of its posting.

Also, welcome new patrons! We're glad to have you with us.

We post this every month to show you that we truly are a transparent company and have no qualms with letting you see exactly what we're doing—after all, it's important to know this stuff when you're part of the investment! Onward, to the budget breakdown!

Your Donations

After service fees from both Patreon and PayPal, we received a total of $569.73 from patrons for the month of January. THANK YOU!

As posted previously, 25% of this is set aside for tax season purposes (yay?), which represents a $142.43 slice, leaving us with $427.30 in usable investment capital for Undead Darlings' development. Woo-hoo!!

Where It Went

Here's a breakdown of January's expenses:

  • Accounting & Legal Fees: $1080.55
  • 3D Assets: $160
  • "Office Supplies" (materials, program subscriptions): $10.98
  • All of the work NickyD did: $0

As you can see, it's a new year, and because our office had relocated to a different state, we had to do some work in getting Mr. Tired Media in good standing with all the appropriate government agencies and such. Thus the big hit on legal fees for January. Good news is that it's a one-time thing! Even so, your kind help paved over 34% of this month's pathway. It's only going to get better for everyone!!

Other Stuff

We're really winding down on 3D assets. Basically done. Now it's a matter of putting the dungeons together, getting some lighting in those area...

And a ton of other things, but I digress. Our programmer is coming out to visit, so we're going to be marathoning a lot of the game's remaining programming in the next week. Yay!

I've also been working on getting the first chapter of the game all strung together for a nice demo. It's coming along nicely, so look forward to more about that!

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