Dev Diary: Voxel Bakery Look & Feel
Although the bakery needs some tweaks and additions, this is essentially the design of the level. I'm considering removing the two billboards on the left-hand side and just leaving the one above Sophie's head as an indicator of how much money has been made from happy customers.

Overall, I'm pleased with the soft tones and retro look of the inside, now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do about the outside. Since Sophie and the customers are mostly going to be inside the bakery, it makes sense not to have a distracting outside scene, but at the very least I think there should be a sidewalk and some doors to give visual feedback to the player when a customer enters and exits. I suppose there's also the possibility of making the environment itself larger and just encompassing the entire camera, but I'll think more on that as I start coding the gameplay mechanics.

At times like this, I really appreciate the fixed nature of 2D games. I made one game in 2D before the excitement of 2.5D and 3D swept me away. And even though there's nothing necessarily stopping me from making "purely" 2D games, adding 3D elements is just oddly addictive... I'm certainly not saying that 2D games are easier. Just slightly more within my comfort zone.

The end of the June (the prospective release of Voxel Bakery) seems like so much time, but I'm trying not to get complacent.